Our SEND Register

Academic Year 2018-2019

12.72 % of our children are on the SEND register. There are four broad area of SEND:
  • Communication and Interaction

This area of need includes children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and those with Speech, Language and Communication needs.

  • Cognition and Learning

This includes children with specific learning difficulties, moderate learning difficulties, severe learning difficulties and profound and multiple learning difficulties.

  • Social, Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties

This includes any pupils who have an emotional, social or mental health need that is impacting on their ability to learn.

  • Sensory and/or Physical Difficulties

This area includes children with hearing impairment, visual impairment, multi-sensory impairment and physical difficulties.

Our current SEND register is made up of the following:


Communication and Interaction 8.3%
Cognition and Learning 74.9%
Social, Emotional and Mental Health 8.3%
Sensory and/or Physical Difficulties 0%