Trust Vision and Values

The vision and values of the Trust, is reflected in the schools vision and values.

Our Mission

“Together we work as one family to ensure excellence for all.”

Our Vision

To be an ambitious, inclusive, collaborative family of schools, ensuring fullness of life and excellence in education, whilst celebrating individuality.

Our Values

Our vision and values are the foundation blocks of the Trust. They guide and direct our culture and behaviours and act as our moral compass in our decision making.

  • Excellence is Collaboration (Koinonia) – we are stronger together. Expertise are shared and valued to empower and inspire all individuals to thrive.
  • Excellence is Opportunities (Service) – we offer chances for everyone to develop their skills, prospects and talents.
  • Excellence is Equity (Justice) – we are fair, ethical leaders and strive to remove barriers to learning wherever they exist. We respect everyone.
  • Excellence is Growth (Wisdom) – we all have the capacity to grow new skills, never stop learning and gain new experiences in a climate of trust.
  • Excellence is Inclusive (Respect) – we have a shared expectation in everyone to achieve in an ever changing world.