Strand 7 RE

Religious education at Evenwood C of E Primary School enables every child to flourish and to live life in all its fullness. (John 10:10)  We see Religious Education as not just an academic subject, but, lying at the very heart of the curriculum, has an important role in reflecting and conveying the distinctively Christian character of the school.  The school follows the Durham Agreed Syllabus, supplemented with Understanding Christianity, ensuring Christianity, thematic, secular and multi-faith links are taught over a two-year cycle of teaching.  We ensure that we uphold the RE Statement of Entitlement 

RE is a high priority and all classes teach RE first lesson on a Monday to all pupils.  Allocation of time for RE recommends the minimum entitlement is 36 hours for KS1 and 45 hours for KS2, which approximates to 5% of curriculum time, or roughly one hour per week.  Children at Evenwood enjoy RE lessons. They enjoy it because they like discussing views and reflecting on these. This in turn will enable them to live ‘Life in all its Fullness’. We ensure the teaching of Christianity is at the heart of our RE curriculum. Links with our school vision, and support for pupil’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development are intrinsic to our RE curriculum and have a significant impact on learners.

Our RE curriculum helps pupils to:
• think theologically and explore the great questions of life and death, meaning and purpose
• develop knowledge and understanding of a range of religious and non-religious world views
• gain and deploy deepening understanding of specialist vocabulary and terms
• know and understand about religious diversity within the region, as well as nationally and globally
• know and understand how religion can be defined and what is meant by the term “religious and non-religious worldviews” and with increasing clarity know that these worldviews are complex, diverse and plural
• gain and deploy skills that enable critical thinking and enquiry in relation to the material they study
• reflect on their own thoughts, feelings, experiences, ideas, values and beliefs with increasing discernment


The Religious Education Statement of Entitlement states that “pupils are entitled to expect that in Church schools Christianity should be the majority religion studied in each year group and should be at least 50% of curriculum time”. Pupils at Evenwood C of E Primary school learn Christianity in each key stage.  In addition to Christianity, pupils are also taught Buddhism in Key Stage 1 and Hinduism, Judasim plus a small special study of Islam in Key Stage 2.

Agreed Syllabus for Religous Education in Durham 2020
Religious Education in Church of England Schools – A Statement of Entitlement
RE LTP 2021-2022