Mr P Locke

I was raised in Lincolnshire and have been around education and teaching from a very young age. My Mother was a primary school Head Teacher and my Father was a University Lecturer.

At 10, I passed the 11 Plus exam (they still have this in Lincolnshire!) and attended an all boys Grammar School and following that the sixth form college.

I attended Trinity and All Saints College in Leeds where I studied for my English degree and met my wife.

We moved to the North East in 2006 and I have worked in the Community and Housing Sectors ever since. I have particular experience in Project Management and organisational development, both of which, I feel are skills that are useful to the school and the governing body.

I currently work for North Star looking after their Community Investment activities. North Star is Registered Social Landlord that owns 190 properties in Evenwood.

I have held a number voluntary positions alongside my day jobs, including being a charity trustee. This has given me plenty of useful experience of strategic committees.

My wife and I live in Darlington and have two beautiful children William, born March 2013 and Freya, born February 2016. In my spare time I enjoy watching rugby and playing guitar in a local band.