Pupil Parliament

Welcome to our Pupil Parliament

Democracy is alive within our school and as the Pupil Parliament, we are living proof of this. Everyone has the opportunity to have their voices heard through the Pupil Parliament. The election of the class MPPs (Members of Pupil Parliament) has been carried out in a democratic manner, with the winners based on the votes of the children in our school. Each class voted for one child from each year group in KS1 and KS2, which means we have 6 school councillors!

Meetings will be held on a regular basis with a member of our teaching staff, where children will have an opportunity to communicate their thoughts and ideas. They take whole school issues and ideas from their own class councils and feed them into the Pupil Parliament. They also share ideas and decisions from Pupil Parliament with their class. Decisions made within Pupil Parliament can, and do, have a real impact on the rest of the school.

Pupil Parliament representatives need to have the following personal qualities:

  • Reliable
  • Responsible
  • Friendly and approachable
  • Good at listening to everyone
  • Able to remember things
  • Honest and sensible
  • Hardworking

These are the things the Pupil Parliament representatives need to do:

  • Attend meetings, turn up on time and be interested
  • Listen to the views and opinions of the class and bring them to the meeting.
  • Report everyone’s ideas and opinions, even if they are not your own
  • Bring ideas to the meeting that will make the school a better place to be
  • Feedback information to your class – ask your teacher for a time to do this
  • Collect views of pupils from the playground and class

Meet our Pupil Parliament

Prime Minister

Dillan (Year 6) is our Prime Minister. Prime Minister is a vital in our Pupil Parliament. They will be in all meetings and oversee the Pupil Parliament ensuring they all lead by example and show integrity in line with British Values and our Christian Values.

Deputy Prime Minister

Emily (Year 6) is our Deputy Prime Minister. The Deputy Prime Ministers will shadow the Prime Ministers and assist in overseeing the Pupil Parliament.

Minister of Education

Denieleigh (Year 5) is our Minister of Education. The Minister of Education works closely with the school’s curriculum lead. They actively support the Reading Ambassadors in promoting a love of reading across all aspects of school life.

Minister of Sport

Charlie (Year 5) in our Minister of Sport. The Minister of Sport works closely with the school’s PE Lead and supports the Sports Crew. They also promote being active around school.

Minister of Expressive Arts

Thea (Year 3) is our Minister of Expressive Arts. The Minister of Expressive Arts will work with the art and music lead in school to plan music and expressive art events.

Minister of Culture and Events

Esmie (Year 1) is our Minister of Culture and Events. The Minister of Culture and Events will liaise with the Prime Ministers, Deputy Prime Ministers and members of staff to discuss and select which events the school will run. They will gain perspective from the children, share their ideas in a democratic way and assist in facilitating the event.

Minister of STEM

Logan (Year 2) is our Minister of STEM. The Minister of STEM will work with the leaders of STEM subjects in school to promote science, technology, engineering and maths.

Worship Warriors

Our Worship Warriors work closely with the RE and Worship lead in school to plan and deliver collective worship. They will promote our Christian values and school vision in all that they do.

Reading Ambassadors

Our Reading Ambassadors will work closely with the Reading Lead to promote a love of reading across the school.

Sports Crew

The Sports Crew work closely with the PE lead to help develop our breaktimes and lunchtimes. The children design different OPAL areas and deliver assemblies to open these areas whilst creating rules together. They also ensure that the equipment is stored away correctly.