Celebration Assembly

Each Friday morning we have a Celebration Assembly. This is where pupils who have had an especially good week are rewarded. Parents, carers and other family members are invited to share these proud moments. Pupils who are chosen, receive a certificate and choose a prize from the reward table.

Here is an explanation of the awards we present each week:

Good Learner 

  • Listens carefully in lessons and is keen to answer questions
  • Shows interest and enthusiasm for learning
  • Acts on advice given from adults in school about ways of improving their work
  • Takes pride with the presentation of their work
  • Is making good progress
  • Has good ideas to share with others
  • Can work independently and accepts that making mistakes is part of learning

Good Manners

  • Always remembers to say please and thank you
  • Doesn’t interrupt other people when they are talking
  • Holds the door open for others
  • Remembers to say excuse me/sorry to interrupt
  • Is polite and friendly to guests in school and when out of school on visits/trips
  • Says hello or good morning/good afternoon to people when they walk past them
  • Has good table manners

Good Attitude:

  • Always tries hard/gives their best
  • Doesn’t give up when things get tough or when they find work difficult (resilience)
  • Shows respect to adults in school, including staff, parents and visitors
  • Shows respect for the school building, grounds and resources
  • Looks after other children if they need help
  • Sets a good example to others
  • Is kind, friendly and supportive to others

Reading Award

  • Show keenness to read a variety of books
  • Recall sounds
  • Blend sounds together to read words
  • Retell a story in the right order
  • Predict immediate events and think of different endings
  • Refers to the text to support predictions and opinions
  • Answer more complicated questions about a text

Christian Values Award

  • Friendship
  • Kindness
  • Respect
  • Hope
  • Trust
  • Patience
  • Peace
  • Forgiveness
  • Love

Head Teacher Award

Has been noticed this week for something special.

Wow Words Award

Wow words are collected from reading across all subjects. Children are rewarded when they either say or write a wow word. Examples include:

  • Obedient
  • Dehydrated
  • Frustrated
  • Glamorous
  • Opaque
  • Inquisitive

Homework Award

All Homework is differentiated (changed to suit the needs of your child). Children who have taken a particularly conscientious attitude and achieved the ‘Can I …’ (learning objective) may be rewarded with the Homework certificate. Homework is linked closely to learning in school and gives parents/carers an insight to what their child is expected to learn in and out of school.

Golden Broom

Adults actively encourage children to take pride in their school. Mr Crowther, our caretaker and Miss Firby, our cleaner, decide who should receive the Golden Broom each week.

Golden Tickets

Throughout the week, children are rewarded with ‘Golden Tickets.’ These tickets are collected together and one is pulled out from the box during our Celebration Assembly. The more tickets you receive, the better chance you have of winning a prize!

Lunchtime Rainbow

Mrs Dowson and Mrs Hewitt have created a chart to reward excellent lunchtime manners, teamwork and respectful behaviour between children and adults. Each table has a number ‘raindrop’ which travels over a rainbow to reach the pot of ‘Golden Tickets.’ Be first to reach the pot of golden tickets and each child receives 2 golden tickets each!