School Lunches

Below are the links to our menus for school lunches which are being served in the Summer Term.  Lunches are priced at £2.81 per day for a 2 course meal. Please select the link below to view our menus.

School Lunch Menu – Summer 2024 (Week 1)

School Lunch Menu – Summer 2024 (Week 2)

School Lunch Menu – Summer 2024 (Week 3)

If your child wants to change from packed lunches to school dinners (or vice versa), please make sure you give us at least one week’s notice and let us know by either speaking to Mrs Robinson in the school office or by writing a short letter. We need to know in advance due to food orders.

If your child has moved onto packed lunches, please remember you need to follow our Healthy Packed Lunch Policy, located in our School Policies section, to make sure they are having a balanced diet.