School Office

Mrs K Robinson and Miss M Robinson are in the school office to help you, however here are a few items that may be useful to parents and carers which you can view or download from our website.

You can also find information about the following:

Wrap Around Care

We currently don’t offer any wrap around care at present.

Start and Finish Times

Our school day begins at 8.50am and finishes at 3.20pm.

Attendance and Absence

All parents of children of compulsory school age are under a legal duty to send their children to school regularly and risk prosecution if they fail in this duty.

It is essential for the continuity, development and progression of our children’s education that they attend regularly and punctually. If your child has been absent, it is important that you telephone the school office before 10.00am on the first morning of absence to inform us of the reason for the absence. This should then be followed up by a letter to school upon your child’s return. When no explanations for children’s absences are received, the school must record them as “unauthorised absence” and the Local Authority is informed.

Authorised absence is recorded when the parent gives an acceptable explanation of the absence to the school.  Please provide documentation for photocopying if children have appointments.

Valid reasons for absence are:

  • Illness
  • Attendance at medical appointments
  • Attendance at dental appointments
  • Attendance at therapy sessions
  • Religious or faith observances

It is helpful if we know in advance about any medical appointments necessitating absence for part or all of the school day. Children should be collected for such appointments only by a parent or other adult known to the school and should always be returned to the school office.

Child Collection/Missing Child Policy

School finishes at 3.20pm and children should be collected from school at this time. If you are going to be late collecting your child/children from school please inform us as soon as possible. If a child is left in school after 3.20pm he/she will be held at the main office with a member of staff until collection.

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