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Our Visit to the Hindu Temple.

This half term, we were lucky enough to be invited to the Hindu Temple in Newcastle. Upon arriving, we were greeted by the Hindu priest, she was not originally from India as we expected, this helped remind the children that you do not need to be from a certain place to be a certain religion.

She began our introduction to Hinduism by performing some traditional prayer songs. She used drums (which looked like bongo drums) and sang. She then introduced us to some of the key Gods and stories from her religion.

Finally, we were lucky enough to try on some tradition Hindu dress (saris and turbans) worn in her religion and finished the day with by taking part in Hindu prayer.


Our afternoon with Seven Stories.

This half term, we were visited by Seven Stories. The children played drama games linked to some familiar stories. Then, they looked at a range of books and discussed their feelings about them as some of the books being very different from any they had seen previously (there were books written in braille). The children all enjoyed the experience and said that it would encourage them to read more in their own time.

Cleaning up the community.

As part of ‘Clean Up Day’ our class took part in a whole school effort to take pride in our area and help to clean up the village. We went out into Evenwood armed with bin bags, littler pickers and coats (as it was muddy and wet day). We returned to school with full bags and cleaner streets, feeling much better as we did our part to help the local community and went on to discuss in class other ways that we can help not only our local but our wider community.

Alien stories with Ian MacDonald.

We have been really fortunate this half term to work on an inspiring writing workshop with the children’s author, Ian MacDonald. He led the children in four workshops over two days, where they wrote their own alien adventure story. They began by creating and drawing their character then retelling their adventures (including some parents being sent to space). The children then got creative and created a spaceship book for their stories to be presented in.