Pupil Premium Allocation Report 2012 – 2013

Overall Aims and Objectives in Spending Pupil Premium Grant

  • To close the gap by addressing inequality and raising the attainment of children from low-income families and children who are looked after.

School Information

Total number of children on roll


Total number of children eligible for Pupil Premium


Total Amount of PPG Received


Amount of PPG received per Child





Intended impact


Employ an additional highly skilled class teacher.

Information held in school

Reduction of class sizes further so that all teachers focus on promoting learning and raising pupils’ achievement by meeting individual needs.

All teachers created individual reading, writing, maths and other specific targets matched well to individual needs. Targets were shared termly with parents/carers. All children achieved their targets.

Behaviour Support Service level agreement


Pupil will display a thirst for knowledge and a love of learning which will have a very strong impact on the progress and attainment.

Level 4 achieved in reading, writing and maths.

Purchase ‘Toe by Toe’ a spelling programme


To enable all pupils to reach their full potential.

Children were given the best opportunity to improve their confidence and fulfil their potential by using a specific programme.

Sound Training

(10 week programme)


Raise pupils’ achievement. To ensure rapid progress so that all pupils have high levels of literacy appropriate to their age.

Average reading age gain was 36 months.

Purchasing of library Books


To provide pupils with a wider range of reading material that will stimulate and motivate pupils which will lead to raising pupils’ achievement and enable pupils to access different areas of the curriculum.

Year 1 – 6 100% of children made equal to or more progress than children who did not receive pupil premium funding