Strand 4 Community & Living Well Together

Evenwood C of E Primary School is at the heart of Evenwood’s community.  We consider ourselves to be one large community and that is the reason behind choosing koinonia as one of our Christian values.  We believe we begin these strong relationships before children even start school.

We also have a PSA who supports families, both individually or as a collective, through initiatives such as a weekly walking group or organising whole school events to helping families fill out forms and apply for any funding.  You can find out more here.


How we have supported our community

Fresh fruit and vegetables with the support from The Auckland Project:

The Auckland Project provide the school with fruit and vegetables every week.  Families and community members are able to ‘take what they want’.  All we ask in return is to ‘give what they can’.  This can be a small contribution or time to take out the fruit and vegetables.  It is a great success and families and community members are able to have meals with fresh ingredients.

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Meal Bags:

Every week, 5 families are provided with a bag of ingredients to make a fresh meal with their families. We have provided over 50 meals.

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Planting Flowers:

We have two members of staff who are leading Evenwood in Bloom.  With help from our children, they planted some plants around the village.

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Christmas Hampers:

Thanks to funding from the Greggs Foundation every family in our school received a Festive Hamper full of yummy treats and family essentials. The hampers were our way of spreading some festive spirit and saying a big thank you to all of our families.

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Litter Pick:


Our children live our seven Christian values and make positive choices (in and out of school). Or behaviour policy is based on justice, forgiveness and trust. Our exclusions, bullying incidents and racist incidents are rare. Visitors often comment on the behaviour of our pupils both in school and when out on school trips.   When a child has made a poor behaviour choice, they accept responsibility, attend a restoration session, rebuild the trust and links with their peers and teachers and continue with their learning.  The children reflect on our values in their session especially justice, forgiveness and trust.  Our robust behaviour system ensures a restorative approach is used.  Children are also taught about their feelings and how to regulate them through zones of regulation. Please find more information on zones of regulation here.

Mental Health and Well Being