Strand 2 Wisdom, Knowledge & Skills


Our curriculum enables children to live life in all its fullness, whatever that may mean to the individual child. We recognise the importance of a holistic curriculum which encompasses an academic and a non-cognitive curriculum. We meet the needs of all pupils and provide opportunities for children to shine in whatever area they excel.  We have weekly timetabled forest school sessions for all children, weekly swimming lesson and music and PE specialists are bought in to ensure we provide high quality teaching. 

Extra Curricular Activities

We offer a range of after school activities which change on a half-termly basis.  Our activities have included cooking, sports, reading club and even some meditation.  Our clubs are led by staff and outside agencies and are free for all children.

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Spiritual Development

At Evenwood C of E Primary School, we have adopted the Windows, Mirror and Door approach designed by Liz Mills. Staff are aware and plan for those ‘wow’ and ‘ow’ moments.  Our curriculum is questioned based and full of opportunities to inspire a culture where the children think deeply.  The children reflect on three questions: Who am I? Where do I fit in? Why am I here? They have a well-developed understanding of how they relate to themselves, to others, to the wider world and to God. 

Spirituality Policy